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It’s important to remember that an insurance Policy cannot cover every scenario. For example, there will also be a portion of the veterinary bill that you will need to pay yourself in addition to the portion that is covered. The policies have some general exclusions and limitations that help keep the premiums low. Please make sure the Solver Pet Medical Insurance Policy Document and Schedule of Benefits. This Insurance is subject to limitations, conditions and exclusions. For full details of the protection provided by the policy, please read the Solver Pet Medical Insurance Policy Document and the Schedule of Benefits carefully.

A comprehensive policy pack containing the above will be forwarded to you on our acceptance of your proposal or on request. This proposal is subject to underwriting guidelines. Acceptance of this insurance for any pet is at the discretion of the underwriters. We reserve the right to decline acceptance of a pet, to vary the conditions on which the insurance is accepted and to vary the conditions and premiums printed on this brochure at any time.