Claim Submission

Follow the easy steps below to get your claim processed fast and efficiently:

Take your pet to the Vet

We cover treatment at any registered Vet countrywide.

Pay your bill

Make this payment directly to the Vet who treated your pet.

Collate your claim details

Complete the Solver Pet Medical Insurance Claim Form and send this, together with the Itemised Invoice and Receipt within 60 days of the date the expenses were incurred.

Submit your claim

  • Complete the Solver Pet Medical Insurance Claim Form and mail this, together with the Itemised Vet Invoice and proof of payment, within 60 days from date of treatment, to


    • Please ensure that the FULL diagnosis is written clearly on the Claim Form and/or on the Vet Invoice.
    • Please ensure the Claim Form is fully completed, stamped by your attending Vet and signed by yourself.
    • Incomplete Claim Forms will be returned to you and this will result in delays in processing your claim.
    • Please ensure that your current details on the Claim Form are completed in full including your email address for emailing purposes.

    • We will deal directly with you regarding settlement of the claim.
    • We will reimburse you, not the Vet.
    • If the claim resulted from the wrongful actions of a third party, upon payment of benefits, we will exercise our rights of subrogation in respect of recovery action against that party. This may entail legal proceedings being issued in your name.
    • We will process claims daily to provide the best possible service.
    • Claims payments are done every two weeks. We will send you a letter regarding the settlement of your claim and that letter will provide details of how your claim has been dealt with.
    • For Claims assistance e-mail or for telephonic support phone 0860 738 787, we are available between 8.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday.
    • Claims are refunded within 14 working days of receipt by PetSure.

    • You have completed the Solver Claim Form
    • You have attached a full veterinary history if this is your first claim (no veterinary history is required for Routine Care claims)
    • You have attached the original itemised invoices and receipt
    • You have signed the Solver Claim Form
    • The Solver Claim Form has been stamped by the attending Vet with the veterinary practice stamp
    • The Diagnosis is clearly visible